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Welcome to Absolutely Affordable Foot Care, where foot health is our specialty. Our podiatrist is a licensed foot and ankle specialist, concentrating on conservative and surgical management of lower extremity conditions and deformities. We take pride in being on the cutting edge of new treatment modalities. It is our goal to keep individuals functioning, working, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Customers Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

The doctor was nice, friendly and welcoming, but also direct and determined to discover the problem and try to find a way to solve it. I really appreciated someone who didn’t waste time, but got right down to business.

Donna Bell

Stone Mountain

Dr. Holley and his great team got me in for an appointment quickly, gave great care and explanations, and reduced the amount of moving since I was on crutches. Super caring team!!

Gary Dawson

Alpharetta, GA

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Vernon Ray


Thank you , Dr. Holley for your great diagnostic skill and correcting a problem which was making my wife miserable and in turn affecting our enjoyment of every day life.

Michelle Ferrell

Atlanta, GA

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